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Improve your English conversation and pronunciation skills with Jason. Learn social English, slang, idioms, phrasal verbs, cliches, Australian English and more. Click here.

General IELTS Speaking Practice Lessons

Practice for your general IELTS speaking test. Jason has over 100 sets of general IELTS questions as well as tips to help you improve your spoken English. Click here.

OET. Occupational English Test Role Plays

OET role play for Doctors and Nurses. Improve your medical English pronunciation, and utilize Jason's acting skills and interest in medicine. Click here.

English and IELTS Ebooks for Self-Study

Jason has many ebooks on Amazon under his pen-name 'James'. Dialogues, Academic and General IELTS reading practice tests, ebooks for tutors and more. Click here.

Testimonials from Previous Students

Read some of Jason's reviews

I was one of your students for a couple of months in 2004. I wanted to contact you earlier to say thank you but I have been so busy with my work since I came back to Korea. I remember I had fun studying with you and you were really a big help for me. Thanks to studying English, I could have a sort of competitive advantage in terms of getting a job. I have been working for a licensing company and one of my contact people is in Melbourne. It seems a bit late but I want to say thank you.

Jinny - Korea

I must mention his curiosity. It is essential for a language tutor to have curiosity in many things, broad enough to meet the needs of every student, isn't it? You might find it tough work to talk with native speakers somewhere to train your spoken English, who are not interested in the same thing as you are. Jason has a broad range of curiosity, so that he showed his interest in anything I talked about. It was very comfortable for me and certainly I enjoyed talking with him.

Tamon - Japan

Jason helped me improve my English so that I could get a job in Australia. He helped me to write my resume as well as advised me about what all the trick language in the classifieds job ads mean. When other circumstances have meant that I’ve had to change jobs, because of Jason's advice I was able to get a new one. I’m very grateful to the help Jason has given me.

Wei - China