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English Tutor Melbourne

English Tutor Melbourne. Private English lessons with Jason – Your English language conversation and pronunciation tutor and teacher for lessons in cafes in the Melbourne CBD. IELTS speaking lessons are also available.

Do you need to speak English better?

Do people sometimes have trouble understanding your English?

Do you find it difficult having a conversation?

Are you worried about your pronunciation?

Jason can help you!

About English Tutor Melbourne and Jason

  • Native Australian English Speaker
  • Private general English and social conversation teacher
  • Pronunciation and accent reduction trainer
  • Job interview Coach
  • Friendly, kind, caring, patient, understanding and funny
  • Over 14 years experience
  • Previous CEO and Principal of an ESL school in Sydney
  • IELTS Speaking Preparation Tutor

How Can Jason Help You?

His years of experience can help you improve your conversation and pronunciation skills quickly.

He can also help you with idioms, slang, phrasal verbs, conversation expressions, pronunciation expressions and more. If you’d like to learn Australian English, Jason can help you with that too.

Most of his current students are from Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, and Iran. He’s also taught people from all over the world across many different levels of society. From students to professors, dignitaries to government officials, actors and actresses to media personalities and rock stars.

He makes every lesson fun and friendly and you’ll learn a lot in his lessons. He supplies printed materials in his lessons, and each lesson, while having an overall theme, will have exercises chosen specifically for your individual needs.

If you’d prefer to just have a conversation lesson, Jason is happy to talk about almost any subject (except sport!), and you can ask questions of him that you might not be able to ask of friends and family!

Join him for a 2 hour lesson in a cafe in Melbourne CBD.

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If you’re looking for something more specific, Jason has other lessons available.

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Recent testimonial from one of Jason’s students:

“I have known you for nearly one and half years since I had the first lesson with you at the QVB. What a lucky journey to walk with you as a student as a friend in part of my life! I can remember so many great  moments during the classes. We laughed, shared the stories, gave suggestions. I kept many voice recordings of our classes, so one day, in the future, your voice will remind me of our story. Thank you for your help and patience. It was my honour to meet you! The best wishes for you and your family. Wherever you go, it will be an adventure!”
A. Xu

Private Online English Conversation and Pronunciation Lessons available

Private Online English Conversation and Pronunciation Lessons are now available

Many thanks for visiting my website. Just a quick message to let you know that I’ve discontinued my evening face to face lessons and those timeslots have now been given over to online lessons. If you’re looking for a lesson and, like me, are tired of the crowds and noise in the evening (as well as trying to find a quiet cafe after dark in Melbourne!) then a Skype lesson might be your answer! You can practice speaking English with me, we can have a general conversation, and if you’d like your pronunciation tested too we can do that. Up to you.

Find out more about my online lessons here:

English Lessons Online

If you need to practice for the IELTS Speaking or PTE speaking exams, click here: Online General IELTS Speaking Practice Lessons

See you on Skype!


IELTS Speaking Practice Video #23. IELTS Questions Sets for Preparation.

IELTS Speaking Practice Video #23. IELTS Questions Sets for Preparation.

I hope you had an amazing new year and are ready to start studying again! Having met so many people in the past 15 years who have been stuck in the same job, or not even able to get a job, due to their English, I continually encourage all of you to never take a break. Food, water, people, social meda, phone calls, emails – it can all wait until you’ve done that one to two hours of study every morning to get you to where you want to be in life. Don’t put it off!

If you’re studying for the IELTS exam, here is another IELTS speaking practice test for you.

I’ve just released a new collection of IELTS Reading Practice tests (2017). You can find out more about it here.

General IELTS Reading Practice Tests Questions Sets 11-15

General IELTS Reading Practice Tests Questions Sets 11-15


IELTS Speaking Practice Video #22. IELTS Questions Sets for Preparation.

Another one for you!

If you’re looking for a book to help you practice for the IELTS Speaking Test, I recommend you add this one to your list. It features 50 sets of IELTS questions you can have someone ask you. It’s a great way to practice if you don’t have a tutor. Find out more below:



IELTS Speaking Practice Video #21. IELTS Questions Sets for Preparation.

Are you practicing for the IELTS exam? If you’ve been going to language exchange meetings or just practicing conversational English with a partner, you may be feeling that something is missing. My advice is to get as many IELTS questions as you can and then speak for as long as possible on each question. The examiner is not only listening for long answers, they never want you to stop because if you keep speaking, you might then answer the next question, and the next question, and the next, without the examiner needing to stop you or ask you again. The questions are usually in a logical progression so if you keep speaking you’re highly likely to be able to answer many of the questions further down the page. As a guide, aim for speaking for at least a minute on that one question. Think about describing something, why you think that way, what related stories are relevant and more. Any question can be extended.

Here is a video for you. Listen to the questions in order and pause the video after each question, practice answering it, then continue playing the video. If you practice at least one IELTS speaking test every day, you’re more likely to get the band score you want, especially if you start six months in advance!

If you prefer a book of questions, I recommend this one:



How to pronounce the th sound. Pronunciation of hard and soft th.

How to Pronounce the th Sound

One pronunciation challenge almost all my students have is how to pronounce the th sound. Pronunciation is important in all areas but the ‘th’ sound is critical. Without it, most native English speakers would think you’re saying ‘den’ when you mean ‘then’ or ‘dare’ when you mean ‘there’, or ‘tanks’ when you mean ‘thanks’.

There are actually two sounds, depending on the word used. A voiced sound, like the ‘th’ in ‘the’, ‘that’, ‘this’, ‘those’, ‘these’, ‘clothe’, ‘then’ and a voiceless sound such as in ‘bath’, ‘thanks’, ‘think’, ‘thought’, ‘through’ and more.

The main issue is that many students don’t want to get into the habit of sticking their tongue out past their teeth. You really cannot make the sound unless you do. If you don’t stick your tongue out it’ll sound like a ‘d’ sound if voiced or a ‘t’ or ‘s’ sound if voiceless.

Here is a video I did a few years ago on how to pronounce the ‘th’ sound. I hope it is helpful for you. If you do have problems pronouncing the ‘th’ sound, I recommend reading a 250 word article every morning with a focus on the ‘th’ sound so that your tongue gets used to making it.

Practicing daily will help you break the bad habit of making poor ‘th’ sounds, and will help you improve your communication abilities. Of course, if you need someone to test you and give you some guidance on your ‘th’ sounds, you can book me for a lesson. In our first lesson I’ll take you through a pronunciation test of many of the most common errors, and help you with your ‘th’ sounds.

Oh, and if you’re practicing for general IELTS reading, I recommend you check out another practice test! See below.

Wishing you all the best.