English Tutor Melbourne. Private English Conversation, Pronunciation and General IELTS Lessons

English Tutor Melbourne

English Tutor Melbourne. Private English lessons with Jason – Your English language teacher and tutor in Melbourne for intermediate and advanced conversation and pronunciation lessons as well as General IELTS speaking lessons

Have you recently arrived in Australia?

Are you having trouble understanding Australians?

Are you looking for someone to practice speaking English with?

Jason is

  • A native English Speaker
  • A private general English and social conversation teacher
  • A pronunciation and accent reduction trainer
  • A Job interview Coach
  • Friendly, kind, caring, patient, understanding and funny

Jason  has 14 years experience and was a CEO and Principal of an ESL school in Sydney

Jason English Tutor Melbourne can help you
* Improve your pronunciation skills
* Improve your general conversational skills
* Improve your IELTS speaking skills

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Jason can teach you:

  • Pronunciation and Conversation
  • Business English
  • General IELTS Speaking
  • Medical English
  • And much more!

Jason is a fun and friendly teacher with over 14 years experience in private tuition.

Jason used to be Principal of a college in Sydney before moving to Melbourne.

Jason can help you with casual conversation and pronunciation, idioms, phrasal verbs, euphemisms and other spoken English problems at an intermediate and advanced level.

He can also help you prepare for the general IELTS speaking exam.

To book Jason, please click on the appropriate lesson image below for details and fill in the form.

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Conversation and Pronunciation Lessons with your English Tutor in Melbourne
Conversation and Pronunciation Lessons Melbourne

General IELTS Speaking Preparation Lessons with your English Tutor in Melbourne
General IELTS Preparation Lessons Melbourne

Medical English Lessons with your English Tutor in Melbourne
Medical English Lessons Melbourne

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